Research has shown school going kids during Covid period are most affected Mentally and Emotionally! 


It's to provide a better future for their kids


However the Future is so unstable especially when a crisis hits.


Your Child may not get the job and will suffer, feeling devastated, go through depression and lose their self confidence in life 


Especially now, the Job market is determined by EQ, not Just IQ anymore 


EQ = Emotional Quotient 

Or Emotional Intelligence:

Ability to Manage emotions

and stay resilience in challenging times

Here's the answer:

Help Them Learn 100% Faster and
Score Better Marks in School & in Life!

Are you a concerned Parent with kids age 9 to 12 who wants to the Best for your child?


If Yes this news is critical and very important for your child's success...


Read and Pay close attention because THIS can affect your child's future.


Do you know that Covid kids in 2020 and 2021 suffer the greatest emotional and mental challenges?


Based on a BBC article kids who go through Covid go through greater stress that will: 


❌ Affect them mentally & Emotionally  

❌ Cause them to suffer from depression

❌ Make them lose focus in studies 

❌ Lose self confidence

Is Your Child equipped with:

🌟 IQ Intelligence Quotient (Ability to score and do well in school)

🌟 EQ Emotional Quotient (Ability to Manage Emotions and stress and have the resilience to Rise despite all challenges)


Or will your child...

❌ break down under exam pressure and stress

❌ suffer mental and emotional turmoil when faced with challenges

❌ crumble and fail in their studies and self confidence

you see your child score, progress in their studies and also maintain a healthy confidence as a happy confident child


Wouldn't You want to see Your Child Score & a progress in School?


Have GREATER confidence and be happy?


It's Now Possible


There Is HOPE...

What parents have to say after attending Genius IQ Positive Parenting

 In Positive Parenting You will learn skills to help you:

✅ How to Turn a Rebellious Attitude to One that is Respectful and Cooperative

 How to Raise Capable, Confident Kids


✔️ How to Win Your Child's Attention using a 6 steps method

✔️How to Set Goals that Your child can achieve and be proud of 


✔️How to Discover your Child's Best Super Power and use this to help Your Child Score in School and later in Your Child's career


✔️ How to Use this method to Allow Yourself Child to be The Most Creative, this skill will sharpen Your Child's Creativity so they can Solve Challenging Exam Questions Confidently and also Solve their Life Challenges Positively


✔️How to Create Healthy Communications that allow You to Speak and Your child will listen and Gain Your Child's fullest Cooperation

✔️Six Most Common Mistakes Parents Make when trying to their child to listen and How to Solve this


How to use Magical words that will get a Yes from Your Child Anytime

This will allow you to be in full control without being like a dictator


Remove this one word and See Magical Transformation!

Most parents are not aware they are making this grave mistake and this is the main reason why your child refuse to listen

Changing this will melt all resistance instantly!


No one is perfect Not You as a parent and not even your child

How to work with Your Child's Imperfections and still Grow as a Parent Child Team creating Healthy Loving Relationship

✅ Module 8 : HEART ZONE

How to Tap into the Most Powerful Space of the Heart to Activate Miracles in Your Child's Transformation

✅ Module 9: WHO WINS?

How to end Power struggle between You and Your Child 
So you never have to raise your voice shout to claim your authority "Listen to me Coz I'm Your Mother/Father!!!!"

How to ensure your team up with your child and grow as a family unit for a win win healthy relationship


You can never pour from an empty Jug

To give your child the best you must feel the best

How to give yourself the Best Love so you can emerge to be the Best Version of Yourself, Best Friend to You first and then Best Mum or Dad for your child



Do You know the Best Tool to help Your child Be future ready..



 12 GENIUS IQ POWER Techniques


✔️Motivation and Goal Setting–Shifting Unproductive habits such as Laziness, Procrastination to Empowering Habits
✔️From F to A–The Ultimate Secret Key to Success!
✔️Smart Study Tactics Checklist - planning study time
✔️Smart Study goals–How to achieve improved results from the previous tests/examination marks
✔️Success Formula of Top Achievers in School

✔️Remember Words with 100% Memory Recall 
✔️How to have fun memorizing Facts using 8 POWERFUL & Highly Effective Memory techniques that are Super easy to apply to school work
🏆How to Remember Study Facts in 1 minute
✔️Achieve Amazing Results in the Before and After Memory Recall Test 

“CIAKO” ©, The MOST POWERFUL comprehension Techniques for Improved Comprehension Marks

✔️ CIAKO ©
A Simple yet Amazing Technique to Understand a Passage even before reading the Passage

✔️How to Organize Information from several paragraphs using 4 effective Techniques guaranteed to help students understand even the most difficult passage

✔️How to answer comprehension questions effectively even if the answers are not in the passage

✔️How to stop making common mistakes when answering comprehension questions


✔️Discover the Secret 5 Study Techniques that Smart Students use to Score TOP marks in all School Tests & Examinations
How to Apply Top Powerful Strategies to study more in less time

✔️Study Recall Facts Review & Revise in the Fastest way for Maximum Results

✔️Strategy to Score 80% and MORE for every Test

✔️How to read textbook without falling asleep

✔️How to learn complicated topics and gain the most information from your textbook

✔️How to read long passages and summarize into simple paragraphs

✔️Master Challenging Spelling Words with Confidence
Improving Spelling Skills for Straight A's in Spelling Tests

✔️Strategies to Increase Vocabulary Word Power

✔️Master the entire dictionary!!

✔️How to learn any language easily using the VOCAB MASTER Technique

By the end of this module your child will master all the 12 Genius Study & Score, Powerful Learning Techniques that can help your child score in school, stay motivated while learning in this new economy of online learning world.

🌟BONUS: Genius IQ Online 
Includes workbook with exercises that your child can complete as a companion to the training program


You upgrade Your Smart phones to new models

You upgrade Your television

You Upgrade your home renovation


Isn't it time to Upgrade your Child's Brains to Download all the Genius Study Techniques so they can SCORE in School and in Life!


It's the best investment for your child that lasts a lifetime

Treat it like the best Birthday Gift You can ever gift your child it's a one time investment that will help Your Child a Lifetime!



What you get:


Usual Price USD $797

Now Online Launch Rate Only USD $397
You Save USD $400

That's Only $3.30 a Month!!

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Founder & Positive Parenting Expert,

Suria Sparks 

Suria Sparks is an Educator, Public Speaker and a Qualified Nutritionist by profession.

Suria was a former school teacher who has taught in various schools from Top Schools, Autonomous and Neighbourhood schools in Singapore. She is exposed to students of various learning styles and abilities.

Suria has conducted many creative learning programs throughout her teaching experience in Primary and Secondary schools in both Singapore and Australia.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Edith Cowan University

( Australia ), Illinois State University (USA), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

She is the Director of Learning Discoveries and Founder of Genius IQ, the 1st in Asia to offer a unique holistic array of programs to help students score more marks in school using stress free, fun, Speed learning Strategies while equipping parents with Positive Parenting skills for greater bonding.

She is a mother of 2 teenagers, both have succeed in school with Top marks, her daughter scored 265 for PSLE and went to the Gifted IP Program, is an author and public speaker at age 16 and her son is in the Top 10% of his tertiary studies and appeared on the cover of National News for scoring Top in Flying, the first in the history in the community. 

She believes in a well rounded holistic life for her teens and allow them to pursue the path they love as they prepare to face a future ready economy.

Suria believes Every Child is a GENIUS.

Her philosophy is based on proven science in positive psychology & learning strategies.

As a Nutritionist she believes Nutrition plays an important role in the the brain development & supporting with immune system of each child so they grow healthily.

More Testimonials 

for Parenting, Entrepreneurship, Emotional Healing, and other areas of life...

"Throwback to the very 1st time my son got to go on stage for any award ever. 

The year before, at P4 my son came in last 3 in class. As a mom my heart was crushed. Yes... academics is not everything but still when your son comes home with his school record book with such results, one wouldn't exactly jump for joy would you?

I found GIQ, short for Genius IQ Positive Parenting a few months after thru FB as I was scrolling looking for courses for him and it was also my very 1st encounter with Suria Sparks. Truthfully, I was excited after the preview but I was also 50-50 convinced, but as a mom, I had to find a solution.

I signed up for the full bootcamp and attended it with my son. His marks improved by leaps and bounds. Getting him to study got easier. I picked up tips on parenting and nutrition that has proved beneficial till today.

Her perseverence and dedication has paid off. She has trained so many of us, parents and children and some of the parents have in turn become her in house trainers. That is Suria for you. Her drive to keep doing what she does is admirable. " ~ Nura Mohamed

"My husband and I attended the Positive Parenting Workshop conducted by Suria Sparks. It was a wonderful workshop where we were given parenting tips on how to handle our children in a positive manner.


We also got in touch with ourselves which is very important if you want to be a good role model for our children. Through some of the exercises we did we got to know ourselves. For me the 2 days was a very liberating and enlightening experience because I found myself again.


I stepped up, released my pain and found myself. The exercises also helped me and my husband in bonding further. Both of us are feeling enriched and positive.


As a family we have benefited and it will certainly help us to guide our son in a more positive way. Thank you Suria and the entire iSuccess team who made the JC programme a successful event."

~Jeyanthy Adaikalasamy

"The Positive Parenting session last weekend made me realise we're not living in an idealistic world. It's okay not to be perfect and what's important is to live a hollistic and meaningful life.

I shall correct myself and set the example FIRST. I shall learn to understand and love myself first in order to be successful in guiding my children!

I still can't wait to join the GIQ session with my son soon. Thank you, Suria for adding on this meaningful soul-searching, bonus session for me!"

~ Aliffa A. Salam


Usual Price USD $797

Now Online Launch Rate Only USD $397
You Save USD $400

That's Only $3.30 a Month!!

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The program is truly fun, exciting and warm hearted.

It is really joyful to see my son regaining his self confidence again.

Watching him apply the memorising technique and loving the success he is experiencing makes me the proudest mum ever.

Super Happy that he scored Top in Math after the Program"

~ Chrisco Neo

"A simple incident gave me a glimpse of self-love yesterday when I attended the Jack Canfield Training with Suria Sparks.

Receiving compliments and praise was so difficult for me. I wanted to run away because somewhere within me arose feelings of unworthiness. Somewhere I felt I wanted the approval of family and not having that, made me feel that I did not deserve it.

It took a while before I CHOSE to accept the beautiful words about myself. The best thing happened when I DECIDED to believe all those compliments.

I felt a deep liking for myself….and for me that is the first step to a love affair with ME.

~ Roma Manocha


Usual Price USD $797

Now Online Launch Rate Only USD $397
You Save USD $400

That's Only $3.30 a Month!!

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My daughter has successfully gotten into Triple Science stream classes for Sec 3. Not an easy feat by any standard based on my understanding Pre-GIQ (Genius IQ) state of my child.

However, something clicked Post-GIQ (Genius IQ) . Her focus and learning accelerated!

~ Tony Lee

"I had many successful events in my life and with it come many failures too.. but it doesn’t matter so much compared to my failure in life.

For three years I went searching for the secret of success.

I read so many motivational books, attend talks, doing positive affirmation, volunteering, seeing my psychologist but I am still hungry and do not feel fulfilled.

But then I was invited to attend Suria's live event.

It has opened up many sealed wounds. I was surprised at myself after discovering that the guilt, anger and other people’s disappointment were actually my issue and it started even before my marriage.

The hurt that I thought I am supposed to deal with were not there anymore. I cannot explain this feeling I had.

I have been at peace with my life and seen the light. I am able to handle stress and is not disturb by trivial challenges but the Soul of Success conducted by Suria has guided me to a different level of calmness and peace.

It had guided me to clarity, so clear so empty so zero that I can now hear my own voice echoing, I can smell the true smell and feel the real feelings. I am more aware of my breath and heartbeat.I am so grateful and blessed that I have found it. "

~ Leila B White, attendee of Suria's Soul of Success


Usual Price USD $797

Now Online Launch Rate Only USD $397
You Save USD $400

That's Only $3.30 a Month!!

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I really wanna thank Suria for her incredible First Love Yourself program...

I've never know so much about myself deep inside... From someone who hated myself and my life while envying others, now I'm so grateful of my life, so thankful for being who I am and knowing that I have had an incredible life journey... I would never want to be any other person but me... This is the great me...

My incredible life has just started to be even more amazing!!!

~ Marcus Loh

" I am so grateful to all of you especially Suria!

After attending the programme, my life has changed 180 degrees to a much better and happier life with my kids.

I'm not living in guilt anymore!!

I'm free from all that unwanted feelings that was killing me for many years.

I'm free from being hurt!

I'm free from seeing my children living in hurt!

I'm free from PAIN!

I'm free from being the bad apple!

I'm living a life full of love.

I love myself now and that makes me a better mother.

I love my children the most and that makes me to give them more.

Now my relationship is much better with my ex husband and I am very happy that I have connected him with the kids. No more baggages !

What else does a single mother needs in her life other than to see those smiles on my wonderful children - priceless!

Not only relationship with my son has improved much better and I have learnt how to acknowledge the feeling and how to let it go.

My heartfelt thanks to all for giving me back ME!"

~ Mala Rama, Author & Entrepreneur Featured on Forbes


Usual Price USD $797

Now Online Launch Rate Only USD $397
You Save USD $400

That's Only $3.30 a Month!!

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