Attention Aspiring Motivational Speakers (even if you have NO experience in Public Speaking & Aspire to be one!)

Are you Tired of Being a Nobody?

  • Have you ever been frustrated when people take you for granted, treat you like you have no value or worth?

  • Do you feel like you have something inside you READY to SHINE yet you cannot get yourself to Unlock your potential coz you always feel down in your self confidence?


  • Do you Dream of Being a Person of Influence in your Business Career and Personal Life?


  • Do you ever secretly wonder how people who are clearly less intelligent, educated, hardworking or experienced somehow wind up on top before you?


  • Did you ever think that maybe there’s some secret that the great achievers of the world know about that use to constantly ride the wave of success, happiness and wealth that you just haven’t cracked the code to just yet?


  • Do you wish you could be one of those people whose influence is so powerful over others that they just want to listen to, buy from and comply with you?


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Life Transforming Topics:

---► Module 1: Professional Influence Techniques Exclusive & Power Positioning
This will Completely Set you apart as the Celebrity Authority Figure in your Industry
  • 15 Advanced Professional techniques that you can use to gain rapid Influence for respect & greater confidence
  • 5 Steps Formula to be Seen as the Most Respected Figure in your Industry & position yourself as a leader & authority that others trust
  • How to effectively become a guru in area so people seek you out and want to be persuaded by you
  • A trusted strategy for gaining attention, reducing resistance and persuading people without them even realizing what’s going on. This technique has been around for thousands of years which is why we are hardwired to respond to it by nature
---► Module Day 2: Speaker Magnet on Stage
This will Turn you into a Powerful Confident Speaker who will Speak with a Magnetic Aura on Stage
  • How to Influence the mind of the person you want to persuade before you even speak to them
  • How to create a position of power when you speak to people so they respect and listen to you
  • The best possible way to TURN yourself into a Super Star celebrity to earn you Fame and Fortune and how you can use it advantageously to attract people to you
  • Two simple ingredients to add to any story that instantly captivate the listener
  • The right way to enter the mind of your target and change their beliefs so they love what you have to say
  • Motivational Triggers and how you can use them to instantly get people to take the action that you want them to
  • The Mystical Method of getting inside the mind of someone and how you can use it to make them persuade themselves to listen to you
  • Four key things that you can do with your voice that instantly make your more persuasive
  • How to instantly gain power and credibility without doing or saying anything
  • Five simple steps to becoming a master storyteller whose words engage, mesmerize and move people to take action
  • The secret to attaining guru status so that people respect your power and authority and seek you out to attain what you have to offer
  • The Key to getting people to lower their resistance and give into your requests in other words handle any objections that come your way
  • How to be a Super Star Speaker to Large Groups of people
  • The single most effective persuasion/influence technique that I have ever used to amplify the amount of times people say “yes”. (This only involves one tiny tweak.)
  • Simple super-effective 10 step process for selling/marketing anything
---► Module Day 3: Getting Paid to Speak
How to Get Paid to Speak
  • How to Get Booked as a Speaker ( even during Covid via Online speaking Gigs )
  • How to Find Thousands of Speaking Opportunities
  • How to be a TEDx Speaker
  • DOs and DON'TS of Speaking !
---► Module Day 4: Tools to Get Booked
  • How to Create a Proposal Template to Get Booked

Your Trainer

Suria Sparks is a TEDx Speaker who has spoken at over 1500 events over 20 years in stadium size of 20,000 people to homes and living rooms
She is an Influential Social Media Public Figure who ranks top #1 Social Media Public Figure in Singapore with over 100 Million viewers.
She has spoken at a business conference held at United Nations New York, and appeared on programs graced by the Princess of Brunei.
She has appeared on Numerous TV, radio and Magazines such as Channel News Asia and Business Times Singapore and a Best Selling Author who has co-written anthologies alongside top names such as Anthony Robbins, Dr Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra & Jack Canfield.
Suria has personally attended several Public Speaking Trainings worth over $40,000 - LIVE trainings in USA by several Top Motivational and Public Speaking Trainers
She was invited to speak next to Legends such as Facebook Marketing Director Randi Zuckerberg, Gary Vee and also invited to a private closed door event with Sir Richard Branson.
She won the Top 1% of the Most Influential person online by Fast magazine and has been awarded Highest Klout Rating of 79 which recognizes Suria as someone "who don't just Share news, but Create news"
She has also spoken at a Business Networking event held at Harvard Business Expert Forum, Harvard University, which showcased speakers like Oprah & Warren Buffet and also spoken at National University Singapore and Singapore Management University.
Go Ahead, Gain greater Confidence as a Sought after Speaker & Leader in your industry

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"Just ended Certified Public Speaking training conducted by Suria Sparks. It's a dream comes true for all the participants!
Each and everyone has a unique story to inspire and motivate the audience with their ups and downs with tears. It won't be the same for me the next time I go up the stage!
My sincere thanks love goes to all participants!
Thank you Mentor Suria for moulding me as A Certified Public Speaking Inspiring & Influential Speaker!"
~ Rama Chandran P, Master Mediator
"It is a life-changing experience as each participant learn how to share their stories to inspire and influence the audience.
The messages are heart-warming. Much tears were shed. The before and after transformation of each presentation, was such a contrast. It was a WOW presentation.
I am touched by all the beautiful souls in the program. I will never see storytelling in the same way again. This course had changed my life and the future of my public speaking. Thank you Suria for your blessing and bringing this wonderful program to us."
~ Sam Choo
Founder of Singapore Internet Marketing Group
"Amazing breakthrough public speaking course literally equipped me with the right skills & techniques!
I have something big coming up ahead, I need to train myself intensely! It was an amazing training well spent learning & practicing the flow of public speaking.
If I had not attended this course, I would not have known how to position my content in a way that my message is delivered accurately. After all, you speak to get a message across & that needs to be done properly! Otherwise, u lose the whole point of doing a public speech.
So grateful that I am now a certified public speaker! All thanks to Suria Sparks for the great coaching & amazing platform to develop ourselves!"
~ Haseena Akar
Home Business Owner

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Be a DIAMOND Passion Purpose Purpose Profits Mastery Biz Partner


"Amazing training in Certified Public Speaking training conducted by our Mentor Suria !
Look what she did to me.....Never imagine that I could speak in front of an audience but YES! I DID IT ....
The experiences, achievements and mess of our lives were shared by all the beautiful souls with tears in their eyes as well as mine. Each of us had some how or rather motivated or inspired at least one person if not all.
I felt very touched by the genuine feedback given by Mentor Suria and wished I could have stayed back till the end of the course.
Many Thanks Mentor Suria for giving me this opportunity to learn. Also would like to thank Mr Rama for talking to me before our class on the second day and congratulate all participants for being Certified Public Speakers .....keep going n together we succeed!"
~ Gurnam Kaur, Certified Counsellor
"Wow! Awesome, Amazing, Spectacular.
The Public Speaking Course by Suria Sparks was beyond expectation.
Its not about learning the official speaker protocols. Its not about one image on stage. Its not about tips to avoid stage fright. Its not about you BUT its about message to the audience.
The love, care, tears & all sharing which transform mess to message will touch everyone's emotion.
Million thanks to Mentor Suria Sparks. You really transformed us to be a natural speaker that will be able to influence others with sincere sharing.
You gave us an opportunity to meet every single good soul with good story telling as an eye opener to appreciate life to the fullest. Congratulations to everyone. It gives me a wonderful great feeling to be able to influence & transform others to have a better life."
~ Aisah Mohd Amin, Wellness Brand Ambassador
"Certified Public Speaking Inspiring and Influential Speaker
I read somewhere that in a survey it was found that some people fear public speaking more than death.I too had a fear of it.
And I read to overcome fear, you have to face it squarely. So I enrolled in the above course and came out alive, phew!
Thanks to my beautiful mentor Suria Sparks who taught us to share from the heart.
I was inspired by the many stories shared. There were tears of sympathy, empathy and shared sorrows. Stories of hope, miracle and strength.
We came out feeling stronger."
~ Ummu Redha

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